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There maybe times when you see something on the Internet which you would want to refer to again and again. You can simply bookmark that site or a page. When you bookmark a website on the Internet it gets saved onto a bookmark menu. Next time you want to visit the same site, you just need to click on the bookmark for the site and you can go to the same site and even the same page on the site which you had bookmarked.


An Internet browser enables you to access all information on the Internet. From checking your email to looking for videos, to registering for online courses, everything is made possible by your browser.


Chrome is a fast, simple, and secure web browser, built for the modern web.


The act or process of copying data from the Internet to the computer so that you can access the files even when you are not online. Usually basis your data plans, all downloads are charged for.


Email is the online equivalent of letters. If you want a letter to be instantly delivered to someone, you can just send them an email.


Firefox is an Internet / web browser


IE stands for Internet Explorer and is an Internet / web browser.


When people are on the internet it is also referred to as them being online. If someone asks you if you are online it means they are asking if you are using the internet at that point of time.


URL means a website address. For instance the URL for Google is and for Helping Women Get Online site is URL stands for uniform resource locator.


Web is a term commonly used for the Internet. If someone says you find it on the web, it means you can find it on the internet.


A video camera which you connect to your computer and it let’s you transmit video images over the Internet through your computer. If you have a webcam and want to talk to someone else who also has a webcam, through the Internet you can have a video conversation, which means you can see the person and talk to the person through your screen in real time.


A website is a location connected to the Internet that maintains one or more pages on the World Wide Web. All the information on the Internet is stored on websites. Within a website you can find lots of different pages with information from the website, it is almost like a book in a library. If the library was to be the Internet, the books would be the websites and the chapters or articles the web pages.